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Join the Open Source Drilling Community

OSDC is built upon contributions from the drilling community, including operators, drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers, and universities.

There are several ways in which you can stay up to date with what is happening in OSDC and become involved.


OSDC invites interested parties (researchers, students, industry) to contribute to the creation of the open-source community by participating as developers, advisors, and users. To become involved in OSDC, the first step is to join the mailing list and attend the bi-monthly OSDC steering committee meetings (virtually). Participants are encouraged to attend the meetings as often as they can and make technical presentations as appropriate.

Mailing List

To join the mailing list, please fill out the following form. Your data will be used for the sole purposes of administrating OSDC and will not be sold or distributed.

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Bi-Monthly Technical Presentations

Every second month, OSDC will host a virtual webinar with a status update of OSDC followed by a technical presentation. If you would like to present, please contact …

Contribute Models

OSDC invites interested parties to contribute to the development of individual components or integrated modules for the open-source drilling project. The contributions are primarily done through our GitHub portal ( Although we do not have a specific set of computer language requirements, we strongly suggest the contributions to be made in either Python or Matlab/Simulink.

Note: there is a standard coding style that OSDC requires for your coding contribution – see Coding Style.

Contributor Resources

Contributed models are expected to conform to Coding Best Practices and be well commented and easy to read.

Simulink Toolbox Tutorial (to be posted soon).

Example Submission (to be posted soon).

Case Studies

OSDC welcomes participants to share (and publish) case studies used to validate and assess the performance of various components of the open-source simulator. Participants can contribute with simple case studies for specific components (e.g., mud motors, drill string, contact models), but they can also explore thought-provoking cases that can test the limits of the drilling simulator and assess operational efficiencies. If you would like to contribute to a case study, please submit your contribution through the “contribute” link. More details can be found here.


OSDC is not affiliated with any particular institution or company, but it heavily depends on collaborations between industry and academia. Many of the technical contributions are developed and maintained by students, post-docs, and researchers affiliated with academic institutions involved in OSDC. Partnership with academia and industry is paramount to the development of a long-lasting platform that can help stakeholders in many ways.

Although there are no membership fees, contributions to the success of OSDC are made through funding university groups, professors, and centers. Funding contributors will have access to outstanding research that cuts across several disciplines and regions and can benefit from the work of exceptional students being trained at our academic partners. There are several modalities of funding that individual companies can explore with our university partners:

  1. Individual projects funded through particular universities – check with each professor and their portfolio of projects.
  2. Support for students, post-docs and researchers – contact particular universities and professors for sponsoring some of their research initiatives
  3. Consulting contracts – contact particular professors
  4. In Kind contributions – industry can reach out to universities for in-kind donations